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FOR SALE: (top to bottom) Lands End canvas wool tie, Lands End knit tie and Sulka 100% silk tie: I am selling these as a lot of 3 ties. The are all in great condition. No stains, rips or tears.

The Lands End canvas (far left) tie is a 55% wool 45% silk tie that was made in China. Despite being made in China, it is actually a decent tie with some pretty nice detail. It has only been worn once.

The Lands End knit tie (middle) is a 50% cotton, 50% linen tie that was made in the USA. It is most likely vintage because the level of detail seen here is rarely seen now. I also think that it is unique because it is actually tipped and not squared off at the bottom. 

The Sulka tie is a 100% silk tie. Sulka is a very solid tie maker that most of you should be familiar with. To my knowledge, their ties are usually made in France, although there is no tag on this one that states that. I am 99% sure that it was made in France though. 

PRICE FOR THE LOT (ALL THREE): $20.00 shipped

Please hit my ask box to make arrangements. All questions welcome. First come, first serve.